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The Class here at LAVI was great!!! It felt like everything we learned can be easily put into practice right away, It was exceptional! We were guided through the entire procedure until we were successful.

Celina Ortiz

When i decided to become a phlebotomist i was referred by a friend of mine to come to this school. I was hesitating at first but finally decided to come and it was the best decision. The instructor, the classmates, the way they taught us it was just wonderful. I even felt sad on my last day of class because it was over. I liked this school a lot. Thank you Vana for being so nice and thank you everyone at LAVI. I definitely recommend everyone who is interested in phlebotomy to come here. I am going to miss you guys!!!

Kristine Arakelian

I enjoyed my experience at LAVI the education was great and at a good pace. The staff was very friendly and helpful through out the whole session.

Moises Hernandez

LAVI was by far the best class I’ve ever been in. The instructors teaching method made it incredibly easy to take a tons of knowledge extremely quickly.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Anneke Clark

I had a great experience, My instructor helped me overcome my fear to needles, good teaching method and very helpful front staff.

Thank you LAVI.

Jose Ventura

Best vocational college in town!

Will West