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This 760-hour, 18-week program is one of the most flexible and fastest-growing career choices in the health care field. Each insurance company has a unique way to submit medical paperwork. The Medical billing course will identify the proper techniques of submitting claims to Insurance companies or any other entity including Medicare, in order to receive payment for services provided to a patient by a medical doctor or other licensed health care provider. In this course, the student will learn to recognize the different types of insurance plans, and their regulations as well as regulations for federal programs. The student will learn how to understand the coding system ICD-10 that is used in all medical offices around the world. They will also learn proper patient information documenting and charting. Upon certification, the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist can work in a variety of environments. These options include; Hospitals, Medical Offices, Pharmaceutical companies, DME providers, and work from home.


  • Medical Terminology
  • Legal and Ethical responsibilities
  • Medical Coding CPT
  • Understanding ICD coding language
  • Medical Coding Advance Combo (CPT, ICD & HCPCS)
  • Federal and insurance regulations
  • Medical Billing Management
  • Health insurance claims
  • Introduction to CPR
  • Career Development

Hours of Instruction:

Times are subject to change, please call LAVI for current hours.